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Ness’s School

Another bite sized chunk of Blantyre History

The page #37 taken from the OLD BLANTYRE book now in the TalkingScot Gallery shows Marshall’s on one corner and the Castle Vaults on the other Page #34 covers most all of the other streets I have spoken of.

Glasgow Road Looking West from Church Street - 1937

Looking West from Church Street

 Blantyre Gazette The front of the book with the policeman shows Ness’s School over his shoulder to the right, this was where your Grandad John Morton worked as a janitor.

Note from Bill: The Policeman was known as “Dan the Pig.”

The name Ness’s was the name of a schoolmaster John Ness who came with his family to Blantyre from Glasgow to run the school when it opened in the late 1800’s.

Major John Ness

Major John Ness

Ness's School 1904

Ness’s School 1904

Ness’s school is now gone and the Clyde Shopping Centre, including Asda now stands in is place. The corner of Victoria Street and Glasgow Road is now the Blantyre Library.


Continuing the conversation between Thomas Dunsmuir Hartman in Chicago, formerly Logan Street, (known as TDH or Drapadew) and Margaret in Queensland Australia on TalkingScot.


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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