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The next store was Craig's the ButchersThe next store was Peter Craig’s the Butchers, where the cows sheep and pigs were strung up in the store, with some in the refrigerator, but most of the time they just hung up in the store. Bob Craig was lucky that he was not far from the local slaughterhouse and could get his fresh meat very quickly.

We did not shop there too often, as we always made a point of shopping and supporting our local Co-op on most items for the home.

In those days there was everything shown in the windows of the Butcher stores, most of which was already all cut up and ready to be weighed with those big brass scales, they were like chessmen, 10lbs, 5lbs, 2lbs, 1lbs 1/2lbs 1/4lbs 2ozs, 1oz.They were used to balance the scale against the weight of the item you were purchasing.

It was not uncommon for a shady shopkeeper to have his finger pressing down on the scale, so as to give a false reading on the amount you were receiving, this of course was only done to a stranger, they knew better than to cheat one of the miners wives.

This time period I am talking about would be around 1936-39. Before that, very few miners had the means to shop outside the Company Store and meat was a bit of a luxury in those days. Mince, tatties and turnips was considered a very, very good meal.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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