Class 3A1 Calder Street 1962

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Calder Street Secondary School – Class-3A1 – 1962

Class 3A1 Calder Street 1962

Bill, with age and the vicissitudes of time I seem to remember only some of my old class mates from Calder Street school of the early ‘60’s, so here goes:

Back Row : Billy Aitken, John Bennoch, John Galloway, Drew Moore , ( me ) Sam Kennedy, Willie Wardlaw, Sam Wood.

Middle Row : Jim Forrest, Jim Craig, Marie (?), Grace Waugh, Hughina Bell, (?) Marie Allan, Georgina ( ?), (? ), Marie (? ), John Craig

Front Row : Rosina Neilson, Isobel Crichton, Elizabeth Anderson, Marion Milne, May Wood, June Adams, Mary Mccreadie, Mary Wilson, Betty Muir.

Apologies to all those who I may have forgotten or wrongly monicurred. To enlist the old saying: “Time goes in one direction, memory in another “

Keep up the good work,


Sam Kennedy

Sent in by Sam Kennedy

Thanks to Mary McCreadie (Wilson) for the updates

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