Workers Village Gates

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Workers Village Gates

Workers Village Gates

Workers Village Gates which were closed at 10.00 p.m.

Latterly, the family living on the left-side of the Gate Lodge were the Semple’s and on the right-hand side, lived the Strang’s.

The old Gate Pillars were acquired and renovated by the new owners of the Calderwood Estate in 1904 and can still be seen today at the entrance to the main Calderwood Lodge at Stoneymeadow Road, Blantyre.

 Mill Village Post Office Mill Village Post Office

This c.1903 picture shows the edge of the mill village, now the approach to David Livingstone’s Memorial Centre.

The village gates stood on this road near the bridge, and were closed every night after a 10.00 p.m. curfew. The round building on the right is marked as the site of the post office in maps of 1899, but has long since been demolished, along with its partner across the road. Of all the buildings in this shot, only the one that houses what is now known as the Village Bar remains. Today, both sides of the road are occupied by modern housing schemes.

Dear Bill,

Gate cottage

I’m wondering if you would happen to know where in Blantyre, this home is, and if it’s still standing or any history on it, on the back of the photo it’s marked gate cottage.

The woman by the gate is my great grandmother Martha McLaughlan-Reid married to John Reid.

 Gate Cottage

They had nine children, Martha m. to John Lyon, Andrew m. to Jean Gibson, Mary m. to Alexander Fairgrieve, Donald m. Agnes McFarland. John Reid married (?), Hugh m. Isabelle Forrest, Robert m. Christina Grant, Alexander m. Mary Ann Sutherland, William m. Florence Miles.

Their son Andrew was the man who donated the “wag-on-the wall clock” in the birthing room at the David Livingstone museum. I have a trip coming up in March and plan on coming to Blantyre area, if you happened to know of any distant family members to any of the names above, please let me know.

Thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you!

Debbie Cochran-Reid

Hi Deb,

The Gate Cottage was one of two at the entrance to the Workers Village in Blantyre, unfortunately no longer there. The Village Gates at one time, the family on the left side were the Semple’s, and on the right-hand, side lived the Strang’s.

I have found information on Martha McLachlan 1843-1926. You can see it at

Best regards,



Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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