Vincent Lombardi Building

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

Vincent Lombardi Building

Vincent Lombardi Building

Duncan Slater says, “This photo was taken from our front door at 1 Priory Street, the white car V.W bug at Station Road was my dad’s and the store across the road before Mauchline’s was Annie McVey.

Before the chip shop, a store sold Surplus Army items, I got my first scout kilt from it, also mum purchased used parachutes as did a lot of women to make dresses from it. When the store closed, Vince’s moved into the larger store, and Agnes Hamilton took over the old chip shop.

Norris was Agnes Hamilton’s, which was a fruit and Veg. store. Before they opened the Post office at Logan street, they had one opposite the Bethany Hall.

So, there was a Bakers, Norris Fishmonger, Annie McVey, Mauchline Newsagent, Vincent’s Fish restaurant, Robert Craig’s Grocery, later to become McWilliam’s and then Gallacher’s.”

Vincent Lombardi Building today with the Barbers on the corner, then we have Graham’s fish and chip shop and then Blantyre Newsagents, Nelson’s Funeral Parlour and the Stack Cafe. Vincent Lombardi Building Today

Vincent Lombardi Building

Carmen McGuire wrote: I attended St. Joseph’s primary and Elmwood Convent 1965-1971. I am a farmer’s wife. My father was Jim McGuire, trumpet player. My mother was Clelia Lombardi, whose father had “Vincies” fish and chip shop on Glasgow Road. Her uncle was Mickey Valerio, who owned the, ’Café de Royal,’ on Stonefield Road.

Our journey now takes a turn down Station Road with, what was, Anne and Betty McWilliam’s became Gallagher’s Grocery, later to become Stepek’s. Charlie McGuigan’s bookies, Frank Cassidy’s, Andy McNamee’s Barbers. Jimmie Cleary joined Andy when his shop closed in Glasgow Road. Photo by James McGuire.

The same view of the Vincent Lombardi Building today, 2015, with Remo Barbers, Madras Cottage Indian Takeaway and then the Barbers on the corner. Vincent Lombardi Building, corner of Station Road, Today



Vincent Lombardi Building At one time, the old turnpike road toll house stood at this corner and was also at one time a cotton works.

Placed strategically on the corner so that no-one could sneak past it. The toll house probably targeted traffic going to and from the Mill Village and Railway Station. Road tolls were abolished in the 1850s. The tenement block with the crown feature which replaced it was built in 1902.



Your Comments:

John Ryan-Park: Corner of Glasgow Road & Station Road, Blantyre. To the left of Station Road was once The Broadway Picture House, it was burned down, various offices replaced that site.

Frances McDonald: I worked in Vince’s in the early sixties.
Jeanette Allardyce Ward: I grew up in Priory Street, remember it like this before they closed it off. Was always busy with everyone going about their day. My mum worked in the Co-op when she was young too x
Emma Trevethan: I remember Vince’s great fish and chips, we used to have them Friday night for a treat. Xx
Alison Walker-Hill: Look how busy it is!!!… changed times!
Jean MacKie: I was bright up in Clyde Crescent, just off Station Road, remember it all.
Joan Baird: used to go there every weekend x brilliant chip shop.
Jane Barkey: That was a great fish supper, not like today, all batter and hardly any fish in it.
Stephen Allan: I only remember the chippie when it was Double D fast food, as I am only 30
Pat Cunningham: Then Orestes came to Blantyre.
Duncan Slater: I took this picture from my Mum’s door 1, Priory street, the white VW at Station Road. was my Dad’s.
James Mcguire: Chip shop was brilliant always lovely aromas from there and that coffee shop cafe was excellent, proper italian atmosphere and is that not Jimmy Cleary’s barber shop? Great guy, lovely family… it does bring back memories indeed, starving as per… can see people enjoying their coffee as I pass by and hated the short back ‘n sides every time I went there hated iT… lol Oh yeh and always walking about bored to death especially on the way home from school, always seemed like miles n miles…
Helen Stewart: Loved Vince’s chipper, always got a laugh with him, brings lots of good memories x
John Ryan-Park: Yes Vincent Lombardi’s Chip Shop was a great Restaurant.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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