The Village Bar

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

The Village Bar

The self-sufficient mill community facilities included a public washing house, bleaching green, graveyard, school, post office and farm, counting house and General Store, which was next to the Post Office.

In the early days, the workers were paid in tokens that could only be spent at the General Store, a win-win situation for the Mill owners, the Monteith’s.

The General Store later became a Public House, known as The Village Bar, in the early 1930s and is situated in Station Road, Blantyre. The Village Bar continues today to be a popular part of the village community life.

Village Bar, Blantyre

The Village Bar – Formerly Blantyre Works General Store…


Village Bar, with side loading door for loading goods off carts.

Village Bar, Blantyre

Margaret Quinn: Remember going to the family bit when I was only young with my sister and friend, where the barman opened the window between the bar and the snug to serve you, imagine that happening now lol.

James Mcguire: still there the last time I visited Blantyre, had some lunch and a good afternoon indeed.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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