The Central Bar

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

The Central Bar

Fallon's Bar The Central Bar Glasgow Road opposite The Ale House, owned by Bernard’s the Brewers. Also known as Sullivan’s a former Manager, then latterly known as Fallon’s.
Former Celtic Keeper John Fallon stands outside his bar (Fallon’s Bar) on Glasgow Road, Blantyre posing for this photograph, taken in 1978.  John Fallon

The Paddling Pool

On a Sunday after mass at St Joseph’s
He sneaked us into Fallon’s Bar,
And as we played in the pool room
He nipped in for a jar.

He then swore us to secrecy
He said we could never tell:
‘cause if me mother ever found out
We’d all be bound for Hell.

Now we kept our guilty secret
And on a Sunday after mass,
We were put into the pool room
As he nipped in for a glass;

And then we told my dear mother
We were at one of the local parks,
But little did she know that:
We were in swimming with the sharks…

…and to this very day,
my mother doesn’t know
That her little sons souls,
weren’t always as white as snow,

And that sometimes on a Sunday,
When she thought we were at one of the local parks:
We were in Fallon’s bar,
swimming with the sharks.

So if you read this little verse, and it strikes a nostalgic cord:
You must have been in Fallon’s bar,
after you met with the Lord.

Your father must have sneaked you in,
beside all those thirsty men,
Most of whom are gone now,
amen, amen, amen.

By Brian Cummiskey



In the NEWS 1976…

Ex-Celt’s Pub Hit By Blaze.

John Fallon.

Strathclyde CID were today probing a blaze which badly damaged a pub owned by ex-Celtic goalkeeper John Fallon.

Police called in the fire brigade early today after an explosion blew out a window at Fallon’s Bar in Glasgow Road, Blantyre. A fire tender had to be sent from Motherwell because the Hamilton brigade was fighting blazes in Uddingston and Hamilton.

Several fires had been started throughout the pub. Just before opening time today Mr. Fallon, who left Parkhead in 1971, went through the charred lounge with his staff, collecting Celtic pennants, which decorated the walls.


John Fallon cleans up after fire.As he cleaned up a mirror which marked his days when Celtic won the European Cup, Mr. Fallon owner of the pub for the last seven years said, “I couldn’t believe it. We have suffered a number of broken windows in the past, and when they told me there had been an explosion, I immediately thought that one of the gas cylinders had gone up.

“It appears that the premises have been broken into and several fires started, but there is no sign of a robbery. The money I left in the till is still there. “It will be several days before we get the place opened again.”

As staff cleaned up, workmen moved in to start the repairs.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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