The Broadway Cinema

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

The Broadway Cinema

Broadway Cinema

The Broadway Cinema on Glasgow Road, opened in September, 1939, and for a time it was feared that it would be requisitioned for the war effort.

The Cinema was opened by Blantyre Picture House Co. Seating for 1,118.  Bought by Jack Brown in 1969.  Closed early 70’s.

The first film shown was ‘The Dawn Patrol’, starring Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone.

Front Stalls: 3D – Stalls: 6D – Back Stalls: 9D – Balcony: 1/-

Broadway Poster Dawn Patrol Poster
The Cinema was also very popular on Sunday nights when local bands played and put up prizes for the best singer from the audience, the X-Factor of the day.

Bands from all over, would do a 15-Minute Audition for Free, and if they were liked would get a booking for a future show.

The Band I was in, The Ramrods, played without an Audition and when we arrived to set up, the stage was already packed with equipment. No-one has ever believed me, but the equipment on stage belonged to Status Quo, before they were famous.

Broadway Sunday Show
Broadway Flyer for October 1946
Broadway Flyer for October 1946
Jungle Book Poster The last film played at the Broadway in the 1970s was the ‘Jungle Book’, according to Ian Guy Lecturer in Nursing in New Zealand.

The Projectionist for 25 years was Bobby Campbell.

of being turned into a Bingo Hall, the Broadway was demolished and a modern two storey building for Blantyre’s Housing department built upon its site. The building is now the home of Blantyre Credit Union.


Pat Cunningham: I can remember going to the Broadway on a Sat afternoon, we used to walk from Whitehill from my grans house to the Broadway and we bought a jubilee with the bus fair. It cost 9 pence to get in.

Linda Warner: I remember the 1st time i went to the Broadway matinee and saw Greyfryer’s Bobby & broke my heart i think i was about 7 at the time. Luved the jubilees and penny whoppers and lucky potatoes.

Jean Gibson: It’s a long time since Blantyre had 2 pictures halls. The Broadway was on the corner and it had a balcony and in those days the programmes changed 3 times a week and you saw 2 films at each showing, plus the news and trailers. Gone are the days!

Marion Murdoch: My sisters boyfriend used to play in the Broadway. It was called go as you please I think, he later became her husband. Great memories.

Alan Smith: The Broadway used to have a Saturday afternoon showing of old horror movies for kids. I’m sure they were x rated!


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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