Stonefield Public Park

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Stonefield Public Park

Stonefield Public Park Entrance



Entrance to Stonefield Public Park. Renamed in 2006 to McAnulty Park after the legendary Andrew McAnulty, “the old war horse” of the early 1900’s.

Public Park The Archway is a Memorial to Dr. Cowan-Wilson.
Same view today.

Glasgow Road looking East from the Entrance to Stonefield Public Park.

Entrance to McAnulty Park

Glasgow Road looking EastEntrance to Stonefield Public Park on the left of Glasgow Road looking East, just before the Public Toilets. This is halfway up the, ‘Toll Brae,’ where heavy horses, stabled in John Street, would pull carts up the Brae for a Toll. Smaller carts would be pushed by youths for a penny or two. Annfield Terrace. a two storey tenement, is on the right with Gibson’s shop, grocery & provisions on the corner of Victoria Street. You can just see Ness’s School, and the junction of Victoria Street passed the tenement.

Same view today.

Glasgow Road looking East from the Entrance to McAnulty Public Park.

 Glasgow Road looking East
Stonefield Public Park Stonefield Public Park, 1950 from John Street with Boating Pond and Old Man’s rest, middle right. Exit to Station Road and the Prefabs just off Farm Road.


Your Comments:

Len Northfield: Glasgow Road was great before they demolished it and built in the park here. In my opinion, it ripped the heart out of the town.

Elizabeth O’Brien
: Doesn’t it look good? Looks much better than it does now.Lynn Kelly: Remember the Park well. I used to pass through it going to my granny’s house in John Street. I always picked a bunch of flowers for her, xxYvonne Watson: Looks soooo much better here than it does now!Ann Crossar: I loved our fab park when I was wee – there was loads to do – putting, boating pond, paddling pool as well as swing park. Soo loved our park – wish we had that now! XLen Northfield: My uncle, Bill McKillop, was responsible for all the parks, and he did a bloody good job.

Jim Caullay: Just thru the arch were stones you could make a wish on…, so my gran said & I believe her.

Michael Docherty: Now its a dog’s toilet.

Stuart Oneil: Cracking pic.

Fran Mcdermott Walters: looks lovely x

Marc Moran: I remember that arch way and also how nice the park used to be ” The Big Lounge ” on a Friday an Saturday night.

Ann Ferguson: I remember this so well, walked through the park most days going to school.

Bette Conner Houghton: My dad worked in the park.

Sheona Thomson Brennan: I remember it looking like this in the late 70’s…why and who is responsible for the state it is in now… can they try not get some of that glory back… though suppose you can’t just go knocking houses down nowadays!

Mary Meekat: I remember the arch too, oh stop your making me homesick, it’s a great photo by the way.

Margaret Barnes: Loved the park, my granny lived on Glasgow Road backing onto the park spent many hours playing there.

Caroline Lee: No gates or railings, were they removed during the war? In the sixties you had flowers, rose beds, etc and bushes were shaped. Now grass is a mess, no flowers, bushes cut in a square shape, why? Have u ever seen a square bush! Then weeds dog mess, litter.

Robert Henderson: I used to play on the putting green and used to swim in the pond.

Annie Murdoch Anderson Black: I remember this so so well, I spent many a summer in there with the wee paddling pool and my pieces in jam, a bottle of water and have great memories, thanks for this xxx

Marc Moran: Saturday night after the YMCA disco with yir girlfriend LOL

Caroline Lee: Len, the park was there way before Glasgow Road was demolished, it was Asda who ripped the heart out of Glasgow Road… Worst thing to happen to Blantyre, and who would rather have empty units than reduce rent!

Stewart Willis: My gran had the fruit shop at the top of the road next to the paper shop, spent nearly every saturday as a child either in the shop or in the park. Putting green, boats, pond, swings happy days. now its a complete mess in comparison.

Marc Moran: I think I remember those stones or someone telling me about them.

Eileen Clark: Just like I remember when I used to take a shortcut to school every morning to get to Ness’s School. Great memories they were.

John Fallon Jnr: As I’ve said on this site before, the local councillors let the people of Blantyre down, look at our public park, Greenhall and Kirkton park they should hold there head in shame !!!

Sandra Mckeown: Loved this photo we used to get chased by the parkie if he thought you were dawdling from school. Lol Xxxx

Saxonrose Law: The wee guy at the front looks like he needs a pee x

Alan Baird: Surely no, he’s just passed by a public lavatory.

Gord Fotheringham: this is the way the park always was… why did it decline… someone should ask their M.P… This parkland was never to be sold… get after your M.P.s

Eleanor Duncan Nailon: Remember it so clearly. lol. It really was a beautiful park. used 2 love going on the boats, number 8 come in. lolxxx

Sharon Kerrigan: This is how I remember the park… in the good old days.

Liz Allan: The local councillors did let us down and are still letting us down. I do remember the park this way the massive slide the small paddling pool and the horse it was a great park but no longer. The same as Blantyre deteriorating.

Tom McGuigan: It was ASDA that started Blantyre’s demise.

Liz Allan: There was a bus stop almost where that person is standing.

Christine Robertson: All the kids used to go there after their first Holy Communion and get there. Picture taken under the arch and all the flowers were in bloom. It’s a shame it can’t be reverted back to its former glory.

Willie Rouse: Dae ya mean its aw changed noo? we left Blantyre to come to Ozralia in 69.

Jane Dunleavy: Park was always gorgeous and that end had beautiful flowers but all parks had wardens then to ensure they weren’t vandalised.

Michelle Brankin: I do, black n white b4 my time. Remember park when the good summers ‘n the boats would be out . My dad lived In village.

Janice Clarkin: Yes, played in it when it looked like that ha ha giving my age away now.

Jeanette Allardyce Ward: I do, it was lovely. All the brides went there to get their wedding photos taken. It has been totally ruined along with Blantyre’s main street.

Patrick Gaughan: I Walked through Blantyre main street today, hard to believe the park used to look like this, then when I passed Asda I couldn’t help but think, if you let your house go into the state Asda has made Blantyre main street, the council would evict you, why don’t they make Asda tidy up the run down empty shops or demolish them.

John Fallon Jnr: Here here Patrick, we must make a stand against the local councillors, they’re still railroading us !!

Wendy Dalgleish: That is a superb pic ! xxx

Mary Davies: When small we had oor picnics here, jam pieces n bottles o water, good ol days, lol

Gord Fotheringham: The last thing I heard about this huge park was there are houses built on it? After the Stewart’s building was demolished in the village? whammy… they took the play park away? all there is, is houses. Not really for me to Judge the M.P.s but what happened here? Did the villagers vote on selling this play park?

Liz Allan: No as usual the councillors made that decision without asking the people who the park was supposed to belong to. The people of Blantyre.

Bobby Dunsmuir: I can remember, the gardens were well maintained.

Jim Brankin: They were always well kept and you were not allowed to walk on grass.

Jimmy Hislop: I think a Mr Crow was the Park keeper here when I was a lad.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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