Stewart’s Building

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

Stewart’s Building

Stewart's Building As we continue our Wander Doon memory Lane on Glasgow Road, we had the Pub called the Central Bar (Fallon’s) which was at the end of the block, right about where the telegraph pole is. The three storey block on the left was a private one owned by the Stewart Family. Old Mrs Stewart owned this block and had her Apothecary Store down stairs, right where you can see the old truck, and the canopy pulled down. This building also housed Peter Craig’s Butchers and Adam’s Furniture Store.

Thomas Dunsmore Hartman wrote: “Now!! To us, here was a place of awe and mystery, one walked into her store, and the smells were out of this world and alien to anything else you had ever encountered. She had those large magnificent shaped jars with a lid on each, which I have never seen anywhere else in my travels, each and everyone holding a specific herb or Chemical, and everyone neatly labelled. One always approached this store with a certain amount of reverence. It was as if you were afraid that she may have the power to cast a spell on your being. I know that we did sometimes refer to the lady as being a witch. You could purchase Cinnamon Stick here. Another favourite item from the store was the Liquorice Root.

A recognized cure for all that ails you, Sidlitz powder! This was wrapped up by Mrs. Stewart in a white parchment paper as were all purchases made at her store. In Blantyre if you had a Headache, Hangover, Stomach Pain, Toothache, Backache, you name it, the cure all was the Sidlitz powder”.

Stewart's Building 1900

Stewart’s Building on the left before the Gable Fronts were added.

McAlpine’s Building on the bend, Tram coming from Motherwell, Stonefield Parish Church steeple on the right and Central Building where the Coach is passing. Also called Hill’s Paun building, which included The Ale House A Public House opposite The Central Bar, which served only ale, hence its name. Closed in the early 1900s then opened as Hill’s Pawnbrokers.

It had living accommodation upstairs and in one of the homes lived a very prominent boxer who had fought Benny Lynch, the world flyweight champion, his name was Boy MacIntosh.

Oct 24th 1933 Boy McIntosh KO Round 4

I don’t think he did much fight left in him after he met Benny.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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