Station Road

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

Station Road

Station Road 1910Station Road 1900.

Station Road connected Blantyre Mills to the main Glasgow Hamilton Road. This picture was taken around 1900, looking towards the Livingstone Memorial. The space on the left has been filled in with another house and the whole of the right hand side has been rebuilt with modern dwellings.

Station Road

Remember when the streets were this quiet?

This is the old entrance to St. Joseph’s, Infant part of the School!

Can anyone identify the girls, perhaps it’s you or your sister? If so, maybe you can date the picture.

Hello Bill,

I’m Gordon Fotheringham. I believe the young lady going up Station Road to be my sister Anna, the year would be about 1950 or 1952.

Station Road

Betty McGaulley from Toronto, who sent in the photo asks, “I wonder who’s car that was?” If you know, share it with us.

Hi Bill, I think the car may have belonged to my late grandmother’s doctor his name was Cowan-Wilson, and she told me he was the first person in Blantyre to own a car. There is a street named after him and a monument. Just a thought. Well done with the site.


Paul Hunter

Station Road Postcard A picturesque Postcard of Station Road, early 1900s.



Your Comments:

Karen Baird: Station Road at the original entrance to St Joseph’s school.
Donna Baird: Aww Station Road at St Joseph’s School xx
Linda Halpin: Yeh Station Road, going down to David Livingstone’s where my mum still lives… and I lived from the age of 21, but originally from Coatshill Avenue, number 52…
Marion Robertson: I lived at no 38 Station Road, seen in the pic with the car outside, I lived in no 6 as well, next to the barbers shop (51 yrs ago) lol the barber before Andy, was a guy called Frank, remember him too, Jimmy Cleary moved into the shop with Andy, when his shop closed in Glasgow Road x
Graeme Smith: Jimmy, Andy, Shaky shug worked in the barbers, it was the best in Blantyre’
Thomas Izzett: You had a 1 in 3 chance of getting Shaky Shug and having a shite haircut for a few months.
Wullie Mourning: Jimmy, Andy’s barbers wiz known as Jimmy Clearies, even though Andy owned it. Lino on floor, wood panelling on walls, 3ft ashtrays overflowing wi’ doubts and Clyde 2 on the tranny. Happy Days…..
Carolyn Patterson: Station Road, I went to the Joe’s this was the primary part of the school, they were happy days 1966 WOW
Neil Connel: The barber was Andy McNamee.
Jean Gibson: Station Road. My first marital home was on the right out of picture.
Anne-Marie Clarkin: If you’re stood at Stonefield Park Gardens looking down to the village, This is definitely Station Road, the gate on the left where the kids are is still there and the semi detached bungalows (where the bead used to live, then Tom Weir, (son of Wullie Weir the bookie), is just past the lorry that’s parked on the right. Frank Cassidy was the Barber or Frank 2 slash as he was better known. So says my other half Chic.
Marion Robertson: Anne-Marie, tell your other half Chic he’s spot on, I’m Tommy Weirs daughter (the bookie) my maiden name is Weir, ps, I remember Chic too, please tell him I’m asking for him. x ps everyone, I know my old house when I see it deffo Station Rd, ‘happy memories’ for me xx
Kathleen Anne Obrien: Station Road old entrance to St. Joseph’s, Infant part of the School !


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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