Joanna Terrace

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

Joanna Terrace, Glasgow Road, Looking West

Joanna Terrace 1903

Joanna Terrace 1903.
Entrance to St Joseph’s School on the right, Chemist on the corner. Livingstone’s Church Steeple in the distance. McSoorley’s big barra on the left.

Hi Bill,

From what I remember the building on right is Joanna Terrace. I lived near by at 265 Glasgow Road and the Tram Terminal was at Stonefield Road, gone when we moved into 265 in 1940. An old woman had a sweetie shop in Road, and she made a clooty dumpling every Saturday and sold big slices for a shilling, just great and like my grannies.

Yours Aye Ellen Nimmo Pickering


Joanna Terrace 1970’s
Photo by Anthony Smith
 Joanna Terrace 1970's

Tram Terminus 1903

Tram Terminus 1903

The Tram Terminus at the bottom of Stonefield Road with David Livingstone Church Steeple in the background.

Note that St. Joseph’s Church has not yet been built.

Oliver’s Building on the left and St. Joseph’s School on the right which doubled as a Church on Sundays and Holy days, prior to the Church being built in 1905.

Carole Miller: Paton’s Hairdresser and Barber Shop were in the building to the left and Dr. Church’s old surgery next door, and before that it was a draper’s shop, the railings were away by this time though.

As with all metal work, the railings on both sides of the road were surrendered for the war effort.

Tram Terminus Today


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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