McCaffrie’s Building

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

McCaffrie’s Building

Dougie Fraser's Building & shop


McCaffrie’s Building, also known as McCafferty’s, who owned the Public House, McCaffrie’s Bar on the facing corner. The McCaffrie’s lived in Thornhill Avenue, down the Dandy, next door to James Kelly of Kelly’s Corner, Blantyre Engineering and Glasgow Celtic fame. The building included Dougie Fraser’s shop, Kane’s Butchers and Parisimo Valerio’s Confectionery. McCaffrie’s Bar later became Enzio Caserta’s lce Cream Parlour.

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Dougie Fraser’s

Dougie Fraser’s shop which he ran with his wife Ann, was very popular with the Springwell residents, not only because of the ‘tick’ that they offered but also their friendly attitude and welcoming smiles. The Fraser’s owned their shop and the flat above where they lived. The shop was closed in 1971 after Dougie died and his wife, Ann sold the shop and land to Duncan’s the scrap dealers who had the scrap yard behind the building. Ann then managed the Barbour’s shop, formerly Nicholson’s, in Station Road until she retired in 1977.

Your Memories:

Jim McDougall: I worked in Charles Ireland’s in early 60s. We would have our rolls on spam and cheese in Dougie Fraser’s, and Valerio’s was famous for their pie and peas, what brilliant times and memories of those days. You you have done it again Bill, you do a great job thanks mate.
Mary Davies: I remember Dougie Fraser. We had to go there for butter, and he patted it with the paddles. Ah the good old days.
Tom McGuigan: When I was a paperboy for Wullie Pate, I used to go to Dougie’s for a bottle of milk and a piece of gingerbread. Then, when I worked in Robertson’s, I would go to the Cafe for my rolls of Cheese and Tomato.
Elizabeth Wallace: HI Bill, My Granpa Dougie was born in the back of the shop which was owned by his dad and later on he inherited the shop and the building which was attached to end of the shop (where the house and billboards are now). I do not know about the pub only that he owned the shop and at one time my Dad and Mum lived in the flat above the shop. After my Granpa died, my gran sold the ground to Duncan’s the scrap dealers who had the scrap yard behind the building.
Elizabeth Wallace: Bill, I can only remember that at one end of the building it was an ice cream shop, a few flats next, then a close to get access to the upstair flats, then a butchers, then Dougies shop, a flat next to it and then an opening to get into the back of the building. There was a washhouse in the rear and allotments and to the back of them Duncan’s scrapyard. Hope this helps.
Blantyre’s Ain: Elizabeth Wallace This is all fascinating info Elizabeth, and it is great to have it recorded. Do you remember the other scrapyard across the road, called Ireland’s?
Elizabeth Wallace: Yes, the workers used to come to the shop for their rolls as well as the men from the bolt works.
Elizabeth Wallace: Bill, there used to be a couple of houses down a wee bit from the shop where the small units are now. I remember that they got flooded at one time when the burn overflowed, and the family stored some of their furniture in the shop.

Enzio Caserta’s Ice Cream Parlour

Marianna Caserta said,“Pretty sure this building was owned by my grandparents, and they had a cafe and licensed grocers there when I was growing up. I remember riding in the vans often with my uncle and Grandad lol and also pretending to work in the cafe when all the guys from the scrap yard came in for their rolls… Memories.”

Blantyre’s Ain: It could well be that your Grandparents bought the property from the McCaffrie family.

Casertas Ice Cream Van

Caserta’s Ice Cream van was orange and yellow and was driven by Angelo and Tony Caserta. Jim Frame worked with Tony in the late 70s on the Winton Crescent, Burnbrae Road, Morris Crescent and Small Crescent run, and Caroline Kilgour worked on the van in the 80s with Angelo on the Coatshill and Priory Bridge run.

Of the three Ice Cream vans in Blantyre at the time, Caserta’s, Andy’s Ices and Joe’s Ice Cream van. Caserta’s had the best ice cream and was favourite for its choice of sweets.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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