Blantyre Engineering

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

Blantyre Engineering

Blantyre Engineering

Blantyre Engineering, a major employer of its time and Castle Park, home to Blantyre Victoria F.C.

Blantyre Engineering was started and owned by James Kelly of Glasgow Celtic and Kelly’s Corner fame.

Forrest Street to the left and Clark Street just above Castle Park and John Street to the right. All of these streets were named after Col. John Clark Forrest, Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge. He was also the provost of Hamilton 1875-81.

Logan Street was named after his wife Janet Logan.

Jane Paterson: I started in Blantyre Engineering when I was 15 as an Office Junior had to pick up the mail every morning from the post office and then over to Little’s for the rolls. I was later promoted to clerkess in the Buying Dept. Ahh happy days, remember Mr. Kelly well x.

Photo Source: BritainfromAbove website

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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