Millar’s Laun

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, ScotlandGlasgow Road North

Looking West from Clark Street – Millar’s Laun

Looking West from Clark Street we have Miller's LaunHere we have Miller’s Laun, Matthew Millar, cobblers known as Matha the Pole, the “Pole” description was given to everyone from Eastern Europe in those days, but the Millar family, who lived in Ivy Place, were actually Lithuanian. The Shop later became Millar’s Sports Goods,  after that we had Thorburn Hairdressers (George and Freddie), Agnew’s Fish Shop, later to be owned by Willie & Jenny Douglas from the 1950s, until 1977, then Norrie Douglas until it was demolished in 1981. Lightbody Cakes, British Restaurant later to become the Gas Board showroom, Batters Ironmongers, Boyd’s Hall, (Bookies), Glencairn Laundry, Rigo’s the Sweet shop where Pasha Cigs were sold and finally Stepek’s at John Street.

Iain Douglas said, “Just to confirm, the fish shop was owned by Willie & Jenny Douglas from the 1950s, until 1977. Then Norrie Douglas bought and owned it, until its demolition in 1981. Willie was my father’s older brother, who died 1959’is. Norrie also ran a fish & grocery van in Blantyre, until he bought the shop from his sister in law, Jenny.
Jenny’s maiden name was Agnew. Maybe that’s why the name has been mentioned.”
Douglas Fishmongers

Your Comments:

Thomas Barrett: We lived above Batters and the fishmonger was Douglas then.

Lynn Kelly: In between Rigo’s & the bookies was Glencairn laundry my mum worked there!

Elizabeth Dobson Grieve: Big difference.

Jean Gibson: It was Douglas fish shop Norrie used do the van round.

Helen Dyer: Funny how we never thought of our home town as being Quaint.. I do now, just love it.

Angela Mary McGlynn: Memories!!!

Mary McGuigan: I remember a Norrie’s grocery van x

George Mackenzie: I remember Norrie Douglas coming round Kirkton Avenue (very busy on Friday’s) & Batters Ironmongers reminded me of the shop in Open All Hours.

Moyra Lindsay: Norris Douglas was the fishmonger. Have to say I still miss Batters and I can still remember the smell in it.

Sylvia Wilson: I remember all the shops in the pic this takes me back wish I was still in that era.

Nancy McFadden: My mum used to clean the gas showroom

Mary Boyle: Fabulous photos! Love them, I remember Bunty from the Hairdressers, Mr Miller who owned the shoe store selling quality shoes. He regularly repaired my Nana’s shoes, Mrs Mogan. Xx

Mary Boyle: Lightbody made the best morning rolls ever! Xx

Ann Ford: No the best rolls came from Little’s the bakers, ma da used to bring them in after doing night shift at the pit.

Norma Foley: These shops are the reason I signed the petition AGAINST ASDA, the worse thing that happened to Blantyre.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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