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Mr & Mrs Robert Paterson & Family 1918

 Mr & Mrs Robert Paterson & Family 1918 Robert Paterson, born 20th Aug 1914 at 25 Park Street, Mrs Helen Paterson, George Paterson, born 6th Feb 1909 at 27 Park Street, Duncan Paterson, born 4th Sept 1911 at 27 Park Street, Helen Paterson, born 22nd April 1913 at 27 Park Street, and baby Catherine Paterson, born 24th Dec 1916 at 24 Park Street, Dixon’s Raws.
Digitally enhanced photo of Helen McDougall Paterson and husband Robert, who died much earlier.  Gran and Grandad Paterson

 Helen McDougall Paterson and two children outside 27 Park Street, Dixon's Raws - 1919 Helen McDougall Paterson and two children outside 27 Park Street, Dixon’s Raws – 1917

Your Social Comments:

Marian Maguire: God love them, life was very hard for them.

Etta Morrison: In our room and kitchen at 1 Dixon St. there were seven children plus parents. We moved when I was 1yr old, so don’t remember it but my eldest sister tells me lots of stories…

Jack Owens: Shows the poor quality of the RAWS housing.

Jean Boyd: Amazing photo.

All photos and stories sent in by Mary Wood


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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