Blantyre Victoria v Clydebank

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Blantyre Victoria v Clydebank

Saturday 12th August 1950

 It takes more than rain to dampen the spirits of Football fans and if proof be needed then take a look at the following photos.

Blantyre Victoria v Clydebank We are Not Amused! Well it would seem like that for at least one supporter at Castle Park where Blantyre Vics lost 3- 1.
One enthusiast here at Castle Park appears to be a bit doubtful of his team’s chances – but not so the little boy in front.  Blantyre Victoria v Clydebank
 Blantyre Victoria v Clydebank Oh well, three wan’s no that bad fur a rainy Seterday.

Notice how many ties were being worn at this match, miners did like to get dressed on their day off.

Two of these spectators are Tommy Jackson and Neil Paterson, Can you name anyone else?

All photos and stories sent in by Mary Wood


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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