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Another daughter Mary (Maisie) was born in January 1926.

Daly FamilyThey sailed from Liverpool on September 1st 1926 to avoid paying a full fare for my Mum, Helen, who was turning 16 on September 16th!
Hugh and Janet married on the 18 June 1909 at the Masonic Hall after Banns according to the forms of the established Church of Scotland . At the time of his marriage Hugh was a coal miner aged 27 living at 32 Broompark Road, Blantyre and Janet was a domestic servant living at 45 Hunthill Road , Blantyre . Witnesses to the marriage were James Morris and Marion Mackie. At the time of the marriage Hugh’s father John Daly was listed as deceased. (Source Extract from Register of Marriages no 49).

In 1926 when Hugh was 45 years old and Janet 41 years old they left Scotland with their seven children to start a new life in Australia . The children were Helen (Nell) was 15 years old, Agnes ( Nancy ) 14, Alfred 12, Elizabeth (Betty) 10, Andrew 6, Janet (Jean) 4 and baby Mary (Maisie) 7& half months old. They sailed on the White Star Liner the Themistocles it sailed from Liverpool on 11 September 1926.

The cost of the ticket was 214 pounds, borrowed it’s believed from Janet’s brother Andrew Shaw. Many years later the 100 pounds apparently still owing and repaid to May McLean (Shaw) Andrew Shaw’s daughter by our Uncle Andrew Shaw Daly when he visited Scotland . It was necessary to sail before September 16th, so they could secure a child’s fare for Nell before she turned 16. Nell tells the story of celebrated her sixteenth birthday off Gibraltar .

We can only begin to imagine what 6 weeks at sea with 7 children must have been like – it certainly wasn’t smooth sailing. Just some of the stories of the journey as recounted by Aunty Jean  include 6 year old Andrew getting lost  in  Port Said, Jean falling down a hatch into the hold and hurting her back, Granny Daly’s milk drying up so baby Maisie had to be fed on carnation milk and the cargo of roofing slates in the hold shifting during a fierce storm as they rounded the Cape of Good Hope causing the ship to list dangerously and putting it at risk of sinking.

They arrived in Melbourne Australia on the 26 October 1926. There was one more addition to the Daly family, ‘Wee’ Margaret, their only Australian born child. Sadly Margaret died of whooping cough and complications aged three in 1932. She was buried 3 March 1932 (reg no 3002) at Fawkner Cemetery (official records have this as Margrete). (Grave location Prs D 1211)

They sailed from Liverpool on September 1st 1926 to avoid paying a full fare for my Mum, Helen, who was turning 16 on September 16th!


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