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Talking ScotHello TDH
I am hoping you may be able to jog my memory for me, as a 6 year old way back in 1949 my Mother took me to see the outside of the building that my Dad had lived in at sometime (maybe when she met him). I think it was called Chambers/Chalmers Building in High Blantyre, in the memory of that day she also showed me a park at the end of a street, I think I was looking up a hill towards the park and in the park was a statue of a Queen, once again I think Victoria or maybe Mary Queens of Scots. Would you have any idea where this park is. To a six year old it looked a very large statue and a very cross looking queen.

As you are entering into Blantyre from Burnbank. On the left hand side of the Glasgow Road stood a building called the Chalmer’s Building.
This Building belonged to Chalmer’s the Haulage Contractors. This Building was situated in Blantyre and not in High Blantyre.

I can never remember seeing a statue of a queen anywhere in Blantyre. I asked a couple of old buddies of mine and they can never remember seeing any such statue. Sorry, I think you must have seen it somewhere else

Note from Bill: Margaret may be referring to the Water Fountain that used to be at Kirkton Cross, High Blantyre to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, which had profiles of Queen Victoria on it.

Hello Darpadew
Thank for the info on the building, I guess my memory as a 6 year old is a bit fuzzy, I hope I find that statue by chance when we are in Scotland where ever it may be as it is a very strong picture in this tired old head.

Have you seen how many people are reading your stories of Blantyre… or even just looking? over 16,000… amazing place this TS…

I have really enjoyed reading about the streets of Blantyre and I’m sure Richardson’s the butchers, in the sixties, used to have a van that drove round Blantyre selling meat, eggs and dripping. I recall stepping into the back of the van and reeling at the thought of beef ham, never liked the stuff. :shock:

I recall the co-op in Low Blantyre where I used to get my school shoes and popping into see (late) Tina Lloyd in the haberdashery/millinery department.

Double nougats and snowballs at Peter the Tally were enjoyed before we went back up to High Blantyre.

I love Blantyre and when I visit I always go to Timbertown and re-live my life there, spent every holiday with my gran whom I adored.

My gran left Stonefield Road and was the first resident in her wooden bungalow which still stands today. Some things never change, thank goodness, even though they were built as a stop gap for much needed housing.


Hi Timbertown
So glad you enjoyed our walk through Blantyre Streets, Drapadew did such a grand job and when you look at the number of people who have visited our pages, it is amazing.

Welcome to TS I hope you get as much help as I have over the years and enjoy the company here.

here is another great Blantyre site

This is the last of a conversation between Thomas Dunsmuir Hartman in Chicago, formerly of Logan Street, (known as TDH or Drapadew) and Margaret in Queensland Australia on TalkingScot.

Note from Bill: I have since made contact with Margaret in Australia, who emailed me via the site and although she only knew her correspondent by his username, TDH or Drapadew, I managed to trace Thomas in Chicago. And guess what, he was a childhood and life-long friend of my friend and Mentor, the late James Cornfield. Talk about a small world!

Thanks Thomas and Margaret for such a wonderful insight into Blantyre’s past.

Source: TalkingScot


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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