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Also on Herbertson Street was a saw and joinery mill owned by William Roberts where all of Blantyre went to get any wood work done. The Manse for the church on the corner was around here. The top entrance Herbertson Street was a mixture of 2 storey tenement and private homes, the other end of the street finished at Auchinraith Road which was running at a 45 degree angle with the Main Street (Glasgow Road) of Blantyre.

Grants Building and Post OfficeIf you crossed over Glasgow Road from Herbertson Street, this would put you just past the Cart entrance going down to Baird’s Raw’s. Again we have a tenement 2 storey type building, with stores street level and through the close, you go upstairs to the second level.

In this building of note was Black’s Bakery. This was one of the two bakeries in Blantyre that sold morning rolls, and in the early morning hours 6.00 a.m.-9.00 a.m. The shop on the main street did not open until 9.00 am, you had to go around the back of the building and go directly into the bake house. This was great, for when you opened the door there was this great smell of the baked rolls and the terrific heat from the ovens much appreciated by anyone coming in off the night-shift and making their way home to their families with these warm rolls, especially if it was in one of the cold mornings of winter. I have experienced this and I do cherish the memories. I hated night shift!.

The next street on the right preceding west from Black’s the bakers is Forrest Street. This street ran from the Main Street and ended at the railway line. Over the line was the river Clyde Braes, which I have already spoken about, most roads running North from the Main Street finished up or close to the River Clyde.

Forrest street again was a street of 2 storey tenement type homes, through the close and upstairs to the 2nd floor, 1st floor you entered in from the close or from the street itself.

On the left hand side you had the entrance to the Horseshoe Bar (note from Bill, this is actually the Livingstonian Bar) and then you had about 100yds of this 2 type storey tenement and then you hit the Blantyre Victoria Football Field. This ran mostly all the way down to the Railway line then the Braes. There were a couple of smallholding’s in between, one in particular was a piggery, which on occasions was not too pleasant a smell in that area, especially if a football game was being played. Between the dung in the streets, the piggery, and the guy next door, some days it could be quite rough. There was also a saw mill somewhere in this area.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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