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A Meat Bone

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A Meat BoneIn our home through these years we always seemed to have a pot of soup on the go, mostly with plenty of barley and vegetables of all kinds, and with a bone which you had bought from the butchers when you purchased your mince meat.

You have to bear in mind that this was a stable miners meal, and everyone was looking for a bone for their soup, so this item A MEAT BONE was considered an item that each and every household would ask for and the butcher would only supply to you if you were buying some sort of meat with your purchase, that’s if he had one. So the the first thing that would be asked for when you went into the store was do you have a bone I can buy with my purchase of meat etc. If the answer was no, you moved on to the next butcher, if he didn’t have one then you were out of luck, and probably finished up buying the cheapest of meat to throw into the soup as a filler and flavour enhancer.

The meat bone, plus what ever residue of meat left on the bone and the marrow within the bone, were all considered food and an enhancer to the taste of the soup.

Of course the butcher would have his favourite customers and would always keep the bones for them. I can recall that there were many occasions when one of us kids in the family was sent out to find a bone at the butchers. Some times you got lucky and found one at no cost or they charged you a penny or two.

What a life, we are talking about a bone with a little bit of meat on it, even the dogs of today are better fed with their nutritionally package dog food than we were in those days.

One good thing about living and surviving in those times was that you would very rarely see an obese person like that which is fairly prevalent today.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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